6Harmonics and AllWin announcement

6Harmonics and AllWin Collaborate on a second phase of UHF Broadband Wireless (White Space) deployment to deliver more remote monitoring, Safety, and IoT Applications for a government agency in Taiwan.  

[Ottawa, Canada, and Taipei, Taiwan, April 1st, 2024] — 6Harmonics, a leading provider of UHF broadband wireless solutions, is pleased to announce it partnered with AllWin, a renowned technology company specializing in rural communications. Together, they are embarking on an innovative initiative to deploy the second phase of a UHF Broadband (White Space) Wireless network in remote mountainous regions. This initiative aims to enhance safety and enable Internet of Things (IoT) applications.   

The deployment will make a tangible impact on forest management practices while fostering resilience and sustainability in remote regions. The deployment of IoT solutions powered by the 6Harmonics solution opens up a myriad of possibilities for optimizing forest management practices. From monitoring weather patterns and detecting potential fire risks to tracking wildlife movements and managing resources more sustainably, the integration of smart technologies promises to revolutionize the way this and other departments operate. 

“With a commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for reliable communications, 6Harmonics developed a technology ideal for government agencies, industrial resource companies, and service providers addressing critical rural and remote communication challenges worldwide,” said Rob Barlow, CEO of 6Harmonics. “We are thrilled with our continued collaboration with AllWin to bring advanced connectivity solutions to government departments operating in remote areas. By leveraging our combined technology and teams, we are not only bridging the digital divide but also enabling transformative industrial and governmental connectivity”.  “The deployment of proven 6Harmonics technology represents a significant leap forward in extending connectivity to remote regions where traditional internet infrastructure is scarce or non-existent,” Barlow added. 

 “AllWin is no stranger to 6Harmonics’ UHF Broadband solution as this is the second phase of a successful project we have secured with this department,” said Kevin Chiu, CEO of AllWin. “The 6Harmonics TVWS technology operates in frequencies that are better suited for non-line-of-sight propagation in mountainous areas compared to traditional wireless broadband solutions. This makes it an ideal choice for providing reliable connectivity in remote regions with challenging terrain,” added Chiu. By harnessing this innovative approach, 6Harmonics and AllWin aim to empower the government, industrial players, and service providers with reliable and high-speed internet access, delivering real-time communication for video, data collection, analysis, as well as other real-time critical connectivity for people and things. 

“By establishing a robust network infrastructure equipped with IoT sensors and monitoring devices, we can effectively track personnel, equipment, and environmental conditions in real-time,” stated the end-user, a department representative. “This proactive approach not only improves emergency response capabilities but also enhances overall operational efficiency and risk management.” stated the representative.  “The simplicity and ease of deployment is remarkable for rapid deployment by any field personnel.” added the representative. 

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Barlow stated, “We connect people and things and deliver access to applications that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability.”  Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Chiu also remarked, “At AllWin, we are passionate about harnessing technology to address pressing environmental, social, and IoT challenges. Our partnership with 6Harmonics underscores our shared vision of leveraging innovation to empower communities and protect our natural resources.” 

For more information about 6Harmonics and its wireless broadband solutions, visit www.6harmonics.ca. To learn more about AllWin and its solutions, visit www.tvws.com.tw. 


Media Contact: 

Louis Lambert | CRO, 6Harmonics


Kevin ChiuCEO, AllWin


About 6Harmonics 

6Harmonics is a leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, specializing in innovative technologies to extend connectivity to underserved and remote areas. With a focus on reliability, performance, and sustainability, 6Harmonics is committed to bridging the digital divide and empowering communities worldwide. 


About AllWin 

Established in 2007, AllWin is a pioneering technology integration company dedicated to advancing solutions and promoting environmental sustainability. Specializing in IoT device communication architectures, remote monitoring solutions for server rooms, industrial automation control systems and more, AllWin delivers cutting-edge, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. Beyond its core offerings, the company provides services such as integrating and implementing mobile payment systems like LinePay and JKOPay. While TVWS communications remains a key offering, AllWin’s expertise spans a diverse range of technology integration projects aimed at a greener and more resilient future. Driven by a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, AllWin continues to exceed client expectations.