Point-to-Point Promotion

Place an order for a pair of GWS-5002-PTP (Point-to-Point SKU) and receive an instant discount

6Harmonics high-power, L2 Bridge UHF solution delivers

  • MIMO for better NLOS and better range
  • Channel Bonding, for up to 2 to 8 times the capacity
  • Higher TX power for up to 4 times the coverage and better NLOS
  • Rx Spatial Diversity CPE for better range and NLOS
  • Regular product updates and feature
  • FCC, Industry Canada, and other global certifications

Apply and receive an instant 20% discount or 2Y 6H support agreement on your PTP equipment purchase

Receive an additional 5% discount on any additional pairs of GWS-502-PTP

Promotion rules

  • Promotion valid till March 31 st
  • Customer must fill the discount request form using promo code 2023Q1PTP
  • This promotion cannot be bundles in addition to existing project discounts
  • This promotion cannot be bundles with other promotions
  • This promotion is honored, and pass-though, via certified distributors and integrators

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