RED partners with 6Harmonics to Improve UHF Broadband Wireless User Experience and Expand its TVWS Database Coverage

RED partners with 6Harmonics to Improve UHF Broadband Wireless User Experience and Expand its TVWS Database Coverage

Paris France – Ottawa Canada

RED Technologies, a leading Dynamic Spectrum Database provider, and 6Harmonics, a global innovator and leader in UHF Broadband Wireless, are proud to announce a wholesale agreement. Under the agreement, 6Harmonics will wholesale the RED database services and work with RED to bring the whole TVWS experience with Dynamic Spectrum Database service to countries that do not have a Database service in place today. This partnership aims to revolutionize and simplify UHF Broadband Wireless connectivity by combining the 6Harmonics TVWS solutions with RED’s Dynamic Spectrum offerings, allowing for unparalleled network connectivity assurance in challenging terrains and remote areas.

About The Partnership

This collaboration empowers Industry, companies, and communities that have struggled with limited connectivity options. 6Harmonics utilizes unused TV broadcast channels to deliver high-speed Internet connectivity, offering an innovative solution for connecting remote and rural people and things. RED provides dynamic spectrum management, maximizing spectrum use while protecting incumbents like Broadcasters and Military.

“Our partnership with 6Harmonics aligns perfectly with our desire to provide dynamic spectrum management combined with state-of-the-art UHF communication equipment to provide connectivity to more customers and geographies and tackle the challenges of last-mile connectivity,” said Pierre-Jean Muller, CEO at RED Technologies.

“The partnership enables us to provide a complete turn-key solution to our existing and new customers, making it easy for operators and regulators to roll out dynamic access UHF Broadband locally and globally,” said Rob Barlow, CEO of 6Harmonics.

Revolutionary Technology for Connectivity

6Harmonics is a pioneer in TV White Space and continues to bring forward new improvements, innovation, and cost-effective solutions. The products provide high-speed connectivity where traditional broadband or mobile services are inadequate or unavailable. Unlike others in the market, 6Harmonics’s solutions are certified under the strict and demanding FCC criterias, for the entire 470-698 MHz spectrum; covering the entire spectrum enables operators and regulators globally to maximize the spectrum and investment resources.

About RED

RED Technologies is a leading provider of scalable spectrum sharing solutions for CBRS (SAS and PAL leasing) and TVWS for operators of all sizes and sectors.

About 6Harmonics

6Harmonics is the leader in rural and remote UHF broadband wireless connectivity. 6Harmonics offers secure, powerful, robust, and versatile communication products to connect people and things globally.



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