Our Solutions

6Harmonics broadband UHF radio network solutions solve many widely different connectivity challenges. We have great success providing rugged, low-latency, high-capacity, real-time broadband at greater distances and with more coverage! We deliver capacity at a great distance, onshore and offshore, for fixed and mobile assets.

Emergency Relief and Public Safety

Government or international relief agencies, working with local police, emergency medical services or fire-fighters in natural disaster situations all need wireless communications that do not rely on infrastructure that is often... Read more >

Rural Broadband

Despite the availability of broadband in densely populated areas there are still many areas that are either unconnected or underserved, limiting the ability of remote or rural communities to access the services... Read more >

Our Products


Base Station Radios

6Harmonics portfolio of base station radios address both coverage and capacity requirements in demanding deployments scenarios for numerous applications... Read more >

Client Station Radios

6Harmonics radios are designed to meet both ETSI and FCC certification. Options include medium or high power, single channel or channel bonding available for both 6MHz... Read more >


As a vendor of radio network equipment 6Harmonics understands that every installation is different. We support our customers by providing a wide range of accessories to ensure a deployment... Read more >