6Harmonics broadband UHF radio network solutions solve many widely different connectivity challenges. We have great success providing rugged, low-latency, high-capacity, real-time broadband at greater distances and with more coverage! We deliver capacity at a great distance, onshore and offshore, for fixed and mobile assets.

See 6Harmonics equipment in use on lifeboats off the coast of the Isle of Wight, UK; providing broadband in rural areas (Click4Internet); and delivering wireless connectivity in an urban environment (University of Strathclyde).

Rural Broadband

Rural Broadband in Wilmington, North Carolina
Rural Broadband in Wilmington, North Carolina

Despite the availability of broadband in densely populated areas there are still many areas that are either unconnected or underserved, limiting the ability of remote or rural communities to access the services and information that many of us now take for granted, the so-called digital divide. The reason is simple, network operators need a business case to justify an investment in infrastructure. If there is no return-on-investment (ROI) for a network operator, then there is no broadband for communities. 6Harmonics provides solutions that overcome the coverage, capacity and cost-barriers that network operators face in low population density areas, especially where non-line of sight links are needed over challenging terrain.

Rural Broadband in Scotland
Rural Broadband in Scotland

Nowhere is the digital divide so deep as in Africa. For several years now 6Harmonics has worked partners such as Microsoft and SpectraLink Wireless to deliver broadband connectivity in Morocco, Ghana, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

Allband Communications, Michigan

Download the CASE STUDY on how 6Harmonics FCC certified TVWS radios are used by Allband Communications to provide broadband wireless internet to the residents of Hillman in Michigan. Allband is also using solar powered TV white spaces to connect remote video cameras to help wildlife managers track deer and elk.


Government or international relief agencies, working with local police, emergency medical services or fire-fighters in natural disaster situations all need wireless communications that do not rely on infrastructure that is often either overloaded or unavailable during earthquake, flood, hurricane or forest fire. Quick, simple and effective deployment of a robust network with wide area coverage is needed to connect emergency response teams. It is as important as having quality medicines. In such challenging environments, the 6Harmonics portfolio of ruggedized fixed and mobile equipment has been proven to be an ideal solution.

Today emergency workers, instead of having multiple networks for voice and data, require robust unified communications solutions that simultaneously deliver integrated voice, real-time video, and data from a combination of fixed and mobile locations, including dash-cams or body-worn cameras, back to a central control centre. As the video is real-time there is no need to upload a recording sometime after the event. 6Harmonics IP based adaptive radio network solutions are able to support unified communications cost-effectively in the most demanding of situations.

As public safety networks are also used for monitoring of detention centres, critical infrastructure, forests and national borders (both on land and over coastal areas) for areas that do not have reliable cellular coverage or a fixed network, 6Harmonics radios are an ideal alternative.

Drones & Robotics

Today many dangerous activities are undertaken by drones, UAVs or robots. Because of the range and non-line-of sight capabilities, 6Harmonics radio solutions have been used to simultaneously provide both operator control and real-time HD vision from the drone/UAV/robot. For surveying or documentation purposes, as the video is real-time there is no need to upload a recording sometime after the event.

Examples include:

  • UAV / drones for surveying, security inspection or disaster response
  • Precision agriculture for crop spraying, fertiliser application and yield measurement
  • Security robots that continuously inspect critical installations, providing real-time video to remote operators
  • Bomb disposal robots, particularly for in-building or dense structure environments, with real-time video and control to safely located remote operators.

Knightscope security inspection robot controlled with 6Harmonics radios.

Remote controlled robot for security applications in an urban environment. 6Harmonics radios are used to provide both real-time vision and robotic control for the operator.

Other applications

Other industries we serve include:

  • Oil & gas, especially pipeline monitoring
  • Mining, both open pit and underground
  • Forestry operations
  • Water & wastewater management
  • Manufacturing plant and warehouse communications
  • Transportation and fleet management
  • Utilities distribution systems
  • Remote video surveillance for anti-poaching or border control operations
  • Digital signage connectivity




Oil and Gas